This is a “Big Bertha” 500,000 BTU propane burner. It is in my opinion the best gas burner in the world. It requires no electricity and there are no air adjustments, all reduction is done with the damper. Refer to “Theoretical Reduction Firing” elsewhere on this site. Don Reitz used them years ago on his huge salt kilns and I used them for salt and glaze kilns for at least 35 years. They are manufactured by the L.B.White Company, PO Box 188,Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650608-783-5691. or go Pictured is the burner (torch casting #01014) with an orifice inside (mixer #01016). Order them together using #320-02856.  They are manufactured for propane gas and come with an approximate orifice size of 5/64ths and I drill them to 7/64ths and use 1 1/2 to 3 pounds pressure maximum. While in Ohio, I converted them to natural gas by drilling the orifice to 9/64ths and reducing the pressure to 2 pounds maximum. That is POUNDS pressure. I fired the Ohio45 foot car kiln to cone 9 1/2 in 9 hours for $35.00 worth of fuel. When I first converted from propane to natural gas it went from $35.00 of propane to $13.00 of natural gas. Your cost naturally will depend upon your current rates. There are some really stupid rumors that you can’t get copper reds with Big Berthas, I’ve only done that for 35 years. Pictured is how I plumb them-I recommend a high pressure ball valve (not pictured), a low increment gauge, 0-15 pounds at the most, 0 to 5 pounds the best, so that you get a lot of needle movement and can see easier, and then the burner. I put a gauge on each burner. Two burners will fire up to 60 cubic feet easily. I only buy the torch casting and the mixer and then do my own plumbing. You may have to go through your propane dealer to get them, try LB White first. When I first started using them they were $13.00 each, now maybe three times that.

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