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#107- What a wonderful and robust jug by Probst, 18 inches high, 12 1/2 inches wide, missing one handle, but very sound, no cracks. This is certainly worth restoration, it is a great example of Catawba Valley Folk Art. CATAWBA VALLEY FOLK POTTERY is from the Hickory/Vale area of North Carolina and is highly sought after. This is TRUE folk pottery, made by hand for utilitarian purposes. Google Catawba Valley Pottery for more information and book references. The pottery was made too thin and the clay under fired resulting in a fragility leaving many or most surviving pieces with some damage to lips and handles. (pots are priced accordingly). These were functional pots used for food storage to survive winters and filled with food or liquids got quite heavy and the thin walls and handles gave out in normal use. Despite hairlines, chips, or repairs, these are incredible examples of True Folk Art Pottery.

Price includes shipping within the United States and due to fragility, I cannot accept returns. Pick up is available with many more pots to look at. Please look carefully at photos and please ask questions before bidding. Thank you for looking.


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