Tom Turner’s Waterfall Glaze Spray Booth.

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Spray Booth

This waterfall spray booth was designed and engineered by Tom Turner and you are welcome to copy it. I have designed other spray booths, but never with a waterfall before. It’s really wonderful and I want to pass it on to other potters. This starts with a three piece shower stall from Lowes, along with a pond pump and an attic fan also from Lowes. The shower stall is cut to height, a platform built, a ceiling made for it, the fan attached, and the water plumbed. I will have small captions for each picture, you’ll have to find the parts and your way of assembly.

Finished spray booth with high and low pressure air lines.

The fan motor, two lights inside, and the pond pump are wired to the switch on the front of the booth, so that when I turn the switch on, everything starts to work.

Have fun everyone.

Four piece shower stall with the back and one side attached. PVC pipe cut and glued to fit into the top rear of the booth, but I ended up using only the rear portion, not the sides.
An attic fan from Lowes, buy the strongest they have relative to CFM (cubic feet per minute) Holes drilled in the PVC at an angle so that the water would be pumped onto the plexi glass rear wall.
Remove the shroud, or outside cover. Shows the venting of the spray booth to the outdoors.
Shows the water running down the plexi glass rear wall.
Build a platform strong enough to support everything and at a height convenient for you.
Water running down the rear wall, with a deflector for splatter, between the rear wall and a turn table.
Bottom of shower stall sits on the platform, over a 10 gallon plastic can which will house the pond pump. The pump pumps the water to the top of the booth, where the water drains down the inside of the shower stall and exits like all shower stalls do, back into the 10 gallon can. The pump is attached with plastic hose to the PVC plastic lines inside the booth with holes in it.
Turn table, deflector, rear wall.

Turn table and at the bottom of the rear plexi glass wall, that the water runs down, a piece of 1/8th inch hardware cloth screen, so that the water runs over the screen creating a solid wall of water that the glaze spray must be pulled through before exiting the booth. Without this, there is not a solid wall of water.


Shower stall cut to height and sitting on the platform.
Hole cut in the back wall of the shower stall.
Attic fan attached to the rear of the shower stall.
Shows the top installed and 2×4’s attached to the rear corners so that a piece of plexi glass can be attached to them, leaving an air passage from the bottom of the spray booth to the fan and out the exhaust. This plexi glass will be seen in other photos and is what the water runs down.
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